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This just in!

  1. Who knew you could make a website out of cardboard? ME!

  2. So I finished my website, hardest bit was uploading the cardboard. Had to roll it up really small to fit it down the cable.

  3. Hey guys this is my website, there’s a bunch of stuff to click on, I’m not sure what it all does yet, but the games are pretty cool

  4. Hey guys, welcome to my website! (Especially you Penny)

  5. wknvokn nroh egoriher oiq w0234 t354 gmfkdm vckmndk sniohgv eoikr nvk ndpom spmcvpsdmc

  6. sorry - that last one was Dad

  7. Darwin can't type but he says hi too. 'hi!'

  8. He also says he smells of toothbrush water

  9. Penny, if you’re reading’ll see you in school later, yeah?

  10. Man, there’s so much stuff on this website it might explode